bullet it all away

i’ve scrolled through hours of gorgeous bullet journal pages inked by insanely talented letterers and artists and sighed in admiration of the pleasingly aesthetic flow of their lives; but also in defeat due to my own lettering deficiencies.

the attraction of such a simple and pleasing form of daily organization however always brought me back to the idea of a bullet journal.

I ordered a bulleted notebook and stencils from amazon and tried out a b&w ball-point pen layout. it turned out cute and appealing in a messy, disastrous way, but was also pretty time-consuming.

out came my old set of brush-pens and colored thin-tipped markers. the results leaked through the paper, but my notebook was thick and I didn’t mind skipping every other page. I played along with fonts and liked what I was seeing.

next week I combined it with my ball-point black pen and I had found my groove.

this style of bujo takes five minutes or less at night to quickly design and sketch. every night I lay out some general tasks which I can either mark as “completed” (a fully filled-in dot), “half-completed” (one slash through the dot), or “not complete” (two slashes through the dot).

it’s so satisfying to fill in those dots the following night, and design your next day in your own creative way. I’ve seen extremely minimalist bujo pages, artsy pages that take your breath away, or a combination of both. I settled on something in the third category … relatively simple but with a personal artistic touch 🙂

i’d recommend this form of organization for anyone to prepare for the busy-ness of any tomorrow. and don’t be afraid to experiment and mess up and turn it into something unique (like spelling wednesday wrong^ 🙂

-tyler joseph

5 thoughts on “bullet it all away”

    1. Thank you so much! It’s kinda therapeutic for me which I love.
      But I’m the same way with things like makeup tutorials – I’ll watch them for hours and be blown away by the talent and then only use mascara in real life 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. :)))
    that’s a great tutorial if you want to do the whole official shebang – i wish i could do that but unfortunately i’m not that organized! XD I do like to add a little bit of color to mine, though …. 🙂


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