tribute to blurryface |-/

My hands are black from the pencil pigment and I thought of Tyler’s, just as black, during the rebel era that was blurryface.

this was definitely the hardest album cover drawing I’ve done … copying the tiny patterns from the original cover was so tedious that it took a full night of drawing to finish.

the result however, was beyond my expectations; the patterns popped just as I had wished and the charcoal black pencil added just the right amount of energy and edge.

“Though I’m weak, and beaten down, I’ll slip away, into the sound; the ghost of You, is close to me, You’re inside out, I’m underneath” -Goner

stay street stay alive |-/


7 thoughts on “tribute to blurryface |-/”

  1. Wow, you’re an amazing artist too! You’re too wonderfully talented, my fren! The piece did come out perfectly, and how I wish I could do something that cool with my art. Maybe I’ll try doing some album cover fan art… You’ve inspired me! Keep up your amazing work, and stay alive my fren! ||-// “Sometimes you gotta bleed to know that you’re alive and have a soul”

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