before you start your day

open the slits in your face and start your day

a lot of the trial of getting up in the morning is opening your eyes – and keeping them open. that drowsy alternate-self tugs at the slits in your faces, pulling them shut. but once we’ve opened them, and kept them open, our day has really began. struggle with the morning haze and keep your eyes open.

you don’t have much time to make your slits look just right

we’re showering, we’re dressing, we’re brushing and washing and blow drying and face moisturizing and make-up-ing and glancing at the clock with heightened alarm.

you’re in my mind

with all the rush and hurry that comes with the morning, our minds forget to be united with His at the beginning of each day. we spend time preparing our bodies and appearances for whatever events approach but do we remember to unite our minds with His for just a moment? Regardless you are already in His mind; He has already thought of you and loved you.

look in the mirror and ask your soul if you’re alright

you’ve already looked at the reflection of your body in the mirror. now look deeper, look into your soul. look past the slits in your face and beyond, into the realm which only ourselves and He can ever know and see.

put on the glitter that your soul hides behind

you’ve seen your soul, and you’ve seen the holes and the darkness and the shadows. paste on that smile and hide your weakness behind it. it only reflects the outside, the world. it doesn’t influence who you are, and who you need to be. have you forgotten Him?

you’re in my mind

He hasn’t forgotten you. you may follow your own path for this day and hide behind the glitter which is so alluring and protecting to you, but He knows what will give you the joy you truly need in life. 

know you were made holy

all of those holes and the darkness which seems to seethe through every thought, every word, every action? that is a void which all of us have, to whatever extent it may be. we don’t realize that we were made with all the capacity to experience joy and experience peace. we don’t realize that it takes a surrender and an acceptance of our flaws; an offering to Him who will fill them with the strength to live a strong, beautiful life. He gave us everything we need to be strong, beautiful, holy; give it all back to Him and he will fill you with so much peace.

open up your eyes and see

so many of us open the slits in our face every morning and begin our day without His loving grace to help us through our daily struggles. we are opening the slits in our faces, but we aren’t opening our eyes. open your eyes to the beauty of life, to the surrender of your faults, to the giving of your will to Someone who gave everything for us. don’t just open the slits – open the eyes of your soul.

the clouds above will hold you, the clouds above will sing

open your eyes to love. you are too weak to hold yourself up? you feel that you will crumble under one more trial, one more effort? remember, He is holding you in the arms of His love. feel the weight lifted from you when you feel you cannot go any further. He only requires a surrender, an acknowledgement, a cry of help, and he will fill you with the strength of His love. love itself, eternity itself is holding you. just give Him your trust and he will give you peace.

open the slits in your face and start your day

yes, open the slits in your face. but now we know that we cannot just open our slits, we must open our eyes. open your eyes to your place in His plan. ask for the strength to live this day in His love and joy, to overcome your weaknesses and fill the void in your soul. He will never leave you empty, like the promises the world gives and never keeps. He is love and He will hold you in his arms if you only reach out your own to receive Him.

you are not alone.

listen to the song here


6 thoughts on “before you start your day”

  1. I remember I first listened to this song when everybody recommended it and they all told me it was one of their best songs. After listening to it for the first time I didn’t understand it and I dismissed the song. One day I was really going through something and I had Twenty One Pilots on shuffle and this song played and in those moments of doubt and sadness, the song made sense to me and I loved it. I love how you wrote this so beautifully well.

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    1. you know i felt the exact same way … I bonded more with other tracks off self-titled and kinda ignored this one. but just like you, it clicked into everything one day and I was blown away by it. i love hearing how the clique connected with their songs ❤️ thank you for reading 🙂
      stay strøng, stay alive ||-//
      power to the local dreamer

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  2. I LOVE how you tied in the lyrics “know you were made holy” with how Jesus died to make ourselves holy. I’ve listened to this song before but I didn’t really understand the message, but your post about it makes so much sense. brilliant post! 😀

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