i can never sit still during a lecture or unengaging class … my hands must always be occupied. thank goodness I can doodle or who knows how these past couple of school years would have gone. here is a collection of some of my favorite schoodles.

whipping up a dream castle whilst writing conjugations

most of my schoodles are made during Latin class, as well as my first binder cover drawing

“Ars longa vita brevis”

“i’m a ban- I’m a ban-dito” ||-//

sahlo folina

most of my doodles start at a central point and spread out into a mess of lines and shapes
an odd experimentation with unreasonable amounts of lead
the fruits (or flowers) of chemistry lecture

in a decade, you won’t care an atom for your chemistry study guides. but who doesn’t love to look through your old doodles and drawings and laugh about whatever memories are tied to their creation?

drawn by jul ❤


2 thoughts on “schoodles”

    1. Thank you so muchhh! When I was little I was a crazy animal and disturbed family gatherings so much that one day my uncle pulled me aside and put a pen and piece of paper in front of me. That’s where it all started, I guess 😜 And I’ve been doodling during lecture ever since! Thank you for stopping in and making my day by your comment! ❤️
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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