you’re an angel fallen down

Ruby – a song lost to most of the world but so wrenchingly beautiful that those who know it keep it close to their hearts – like the precious gem it is.

Don’t be alarmed … it takes a while for you to see beyond the dark, pulsing melodies, the desperate screaming, the seeming bitterness in the words. But beneath is such an impactful, essential message.

Ruby I hope I see you
I’ve waited all this week
For you to walk my way
Your soul will capture me

he saw her at church on Sunday, and unlike most people who would avoid contact with a disability such as hers, he saw beneath her defects and into the radiance of her soul

Your mama painted your room
a shade of pink, she said
But with your great arrival that shade has turned to red.

the tragedy of those born with Down syndrome is that most of them will never be born – their parents, after eagerly awaiting and preparing for their child, shrink in horror when they discover it has a dreaded extra chromosome. more than half of babies with Downs are disposed of before they have a chance to flood the world with their light. those who accept their gift are given a cross but also a light and a joy which only parents so blessed can experience. Ruby changed the world upon her great entrance: this song is living proof.

Ruby take my hand, please lead me to the Promised Land
Tell me, where am I from?
your eyes say, “Shada de da dum.”

he found within her a living link to heaven – a precious soul who had the permanent presence of God inside her. he knew she had already reached the promised land, through her childlike dependency and the simple purity of her mind. there was no pain or doubt in her eyes, they spoke joy and light. he looked those clear, bright orbs and saw something he needed so desperately – hope.

Ruby, you’re royalty
In your home land, they all call you “Queen”
Tell me, where are you from, your eyes say, “Shada de da dum.”

most people will see someone with Down’s syndrome and consider themselves vastly superior and look with pity upon the person. little do they know how great these people truly are – with souls as impeccable as the snow. our “intelligence” is an impediment to our beings, it fails us again and again. yet these people have a royalty which none of us will ever possess … they are cradled in God’s own hands.

You’re an angel fallen down
won’t you tell us of the clouds
You have fallen from the sky.
How high? How high?
You’re an angel fallen down
Won’t you tell us of the clouds

he saw her for who she was – an angel fallen down, a perfect soul glittering among the sin and blackness of humanity. he recognized his own guilt and crippling sickness and saw within her the respite he wished for so dearly. she knew the truth – she knew of the clouds and of the light.

You’re true and pure
You hold the cure
We’re all diseased, you hold the key.

she is the definition of purity – she holds within her “disabled” mind the entirety of the truth. our minds are impaired by sin and by the weakness of our wills, while her complete dependency upon God and man is what gives her the title of Queen.

You’re an angel fallen down

she’s a gift from heaven, a beam of light, sent from above as a model for us. why can’t the world see the treasure within her?

won’t you tell us of the clouds

she alone possesses heaven inside. she alone has salvation contained in her innocent self

You have fallen from the sky.
How high? How high?

she was a gift from above, a soul kept from heaven for only a short time in order to give us a glimpse of an angel. why can’t the world see the treasure they are given?

Tell our dad, “I’m sorry.”

he realizes his guilt, and sees the intimate union of she and her Father in heaven. he asks her to beg forgiveness on his part, she who lives in His love. he bends his head in humility before her, and before the world.

you’re an angel

i cannot do this song justice. just listen to the raw emotion and the meaning and the incredible message. be so grateful for the the bravery it must have taken to write this, how painful it must have been to sing this to the world.

how beautiful are those who are completely dependent on the love of God. And how brave and blessed are those who take upon themselves the work of His Love.

Ruby with lyrics


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