goodbye island

yesterday i stared through the water into the rainbow lattice of light that danced on the bottom of the sea – making all of the shadows seem like holograms – and tried to lock it into my memory.

the sun was dropping below the horizon but its rays were warmer and more golden then ever before. as they hit the waves they broke into prism colors scattered all over the coral and rocks.

all of the vibrantly-scaled fish ventured out during that heavenly hour, the pea-sized neon yellow-and-blue ones and the turquoise-and-black. they swarmed around your feet when you sat still, wandering close but never touching.

i saw a sea turtle – a young man as i fancied him, so graceful and strong and youthful and majestic and FREE … my mom fell in love with him. you wanted to hug him for being so beautiful.

it was a lovely last day … we walked along he beach and i extended my collection of pink rocks. this island is the only place i’ve seen with bits of pink in the sand ~ such beautiful white sand.

experimenting with my macro lens XD

the sky decided to be extra blue that night in order to see us off … it smiled its most photogenic hue.

we went into the Royal towers and walked through the gigantic fish tanks that wrapped the lobby and left a blue glow on the faces of rapt tourists gazing inside. i included.

the most gorgeous manta ray was there; the biggest sea creature I had ever seen. it swept through the tank with a wingspan unlike anything you could imagine; regal in a dark, refined way. i was breathless.

one last look at the glittering yachts docked in the marina village – glossy and beautiful while rocking lethargically beside each other.


we have arrived at the airport, successfully smuggled a coconut, bought our last desperate attempts at souvenirs, and are sitting beside the boarding area.

goodbye island: so lusciously green and soothingly blue~vibrantly alive and pleasantly inhabited.

maybe i’ll see you soon.

(please haunt my dreams)

day 10, waiting in line to board the flight


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