:.:in trench i’m not alone:.:


the stage went black and the cheering of thousands of ecstatic banditøs was ear-splitting. that didn’t stop you from adding your own voice. the moment we had all been waiting for was here – the curtain fell dramatically from the ceiling and the bass began booming.

the flaming car slowly rose from beneath the stage, pouring clouds of smoke into the air and shrouding the stage in a thrillingly foggy veil.

suddenly josh’s torch lit up and he appeared on the stage, walking the length of it before sitting down at his drum kit.

tyler was standing on top of the flaming car, bass guitar slung over his shoulder, and he hopped off and over to his microphone as the song began.

I was seeing them. these were their faces. their living, breathing persons. the enormity of what I was experiencing suddenly struck me – I was in the same room as all of this talent. these were the people I had seen countless videos of – the people who said such beautiful things and changed so many lives. who had been in so many places and through so much difficulty to reach this stage. how?

the car burst into full flame and the crowd sang the verse along with tyler as hundreds of smartphones were held in the air, filming the iconic opening of the set.

confirmed: tyler does not use auto tune

the clique rocked out to jumpsuit and then the music slipped silkily smooth into levitate as josh kicked into the hip-hop drum beat. it was amazing to be able to flawlessly non-stop rap a full song along with hundreds of other people as crazy as you.

the energy. it was inexplicable. it was the energy that bonded together a group of people who sing “the sun will rise and we will try again” together – who could cry together – who could scream together and laugh together and rap together. who know that they had found something beautiful – something special – and had come together to celebrate it. twenty one pilots somehow stands alone in its culture and its community – they’re set apart from the rest of the industry and those who find them and connect with them feel the embodiment of that. and when they all come together and see the testimony of life in front of them, it’s amazing.

and man did those boys put on a heck of a show.

the lights – the visuals – the interaction with the crowd – the stunts – were phenomenal.

it added an extra layer of beauty to the songs – I’ll never hear them the same again. trench tracks like “jumpsuit” and “the hype” I had never really connected with before – but after seeing them live I understood. I’m amazed at how the show changes your conception of the songs – how you associate them differently with what you experienced whilst seeing them live and you feel Josh’s drumming in your bones.

Tyler was so happy – he told us that this was gonna be a great show, and he joked with us, and at the end while spontaneously improvising chords on the keyboard he told us that he wished he could take this room of people across the world with him (after promising that he didn’t say that every night). his final speech melted into trees and left that warm feeling in your soul. it was special.

i had dreamed of seeing trees live for a long time – the song that has been played at the end of every single show for a decade; since the very beginning. the song that Tyler wrote as a broken teenager and managed to make onto three albums.

I wanted to get my handful of trees confetti and keep it in a secret place and cherish it and keep it as proof of my experience. trench trees confetti – yellow and green.

a living token of the tour and of trench and of an era – of a dream that grew and spread over ten years and now reached across the world, covering thousands of people in yellow tape and enabling them to come together and celebrate this dream.

and I got it.

trees was ethereally beautiful – the quiet singing dripping with earnest, raw emotion which lead into the yelling and drumming and that final adrenaline kick spilling from each person into every corner of the room and filling it with one final rallying cry: “hello!”

I didn’t even video it – I wanted to lock every second into my brain and keep it there.

the confetti poured by the ton into the air and hundreds of people strained to grab it and save it, I included. it sealed the whole experience into a small heap of crumpled yellow paper which i stuffed into my coat pocket and hugged all the way home.

“we are twenty one pilots and so are you, thanks for having us tonight. see you next time.”

it was over.

a hush of recollection settled over the fans as they quietly left the arena, even as “we are family” began playing over the speakers. we were family – and as soon as we were outside everyone was chattering about the show with glowing eyes. it was misting in the dark but hundreds of banditøs filed in lines out to the parking garage. we could all feel the connection as we went our separate ways back to our lives.

but in trench, i’m not alone. you’re not alone. we’re not alone.



21 thoughts on “:.:in trench i’m not alone:.:”

  1. This post was so, so beautifully written. You described your feelings and emotions so well and it really brought me back to the best night of my life when I saw them for the first time last fall in Inglewood and when I saw them play Trees at the end, so reading this made me get all emotional lol. To see Trees played live was the only thing on my bucket list for years, and when it was finally happening, I felt so overwhelmed that I was finally seeing it and hearing it right in front of me, and yet I can’t remember a single moment of that song. It was such a surreal experience!!! I’m so glad you got confetti. I would have loved to, but crowds. xD Thank you for such a lovely post. You really have a talent for writing and describing emotions, I felt like I was there at the concert again.

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    1. I relate so hard … when I walked into the stadium I wanted to remember every moment – every sensation – every song – but now there’s huge blocks of it that I just can’t remember. Especially parts of it that I wanted especially to keep forever. It’s funny what your brain decides to keep … like I’ll never forget how whenever Tyler jumped into the big columns of smoke, they would immediately disappear. But then I can’t even remember Cut My Lip at all XD
      And Trees was so special. Even if you don’t remember it. Just that fact that you became part of a movement that started all the way back in 2007 in Tyler’s parents’ basement. That continues on to this day. It’s incredible.
      Thanks you so much for sharing your thoughts and your positivity. It means so much ❤️💛
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    1. Thank you for leaving your positivity! 😊 I’m happy to have captured a bit of what it’s like, even though it’s impossible to describe it in WORDS … you have to see it to get the best picture! Thanks again for stopping in! ❤️💛
      power to the local dreamer ||-//


  2. Wow you sure know how to keep people engaged, the way you wrote about your concert experience getting to see Twenty One Pilots is amazing, I couldn’t write like that if I tried haha XD Your storytelling is really something and I mean that in the best way possible of course!!

    I don’t go to a lot of concerts, but I know the feeling of going to watch your favorite artist and getting lost with the show while trying to soak in every moment of everything (hope that made sense) as well as being surrounded by other people who share the same interest as you, it truly is something incredible!!

    I’m glad to know that you had a great concert experience and enjoyed yourself, it looked like a lot of fun, I hope you’re doing well and having a good day ^_^

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    1. This was actually my very first concert … which made it extra special … and yes that feeling is the best! I know what you mean about trying to soak it all in – but I guess we’re only human XD Regardless it will be a night that i’ll never forget ❤
      Thank you so much for your sweet words! Your writing is great as well … and you're an amazing artist! I love seeing your posts in my feed! ❤
      I'm doing well … my family just met up with some relatives at the beach and it was great catching up with them 🙂 I hope you're doing well too!
      Thanks again for leaving your thoughts! It means so much ❤ ❤
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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      1. What no way, was it really!? 😮 Well then it’s good to know that your very first concert experience was a good one, I mean what better way to spend a first time concert experience than getting to watch your all time favorite band live!! It really is, seeing everyone around you enjoying what you’re enjoying and hearing all the voices combined into one, really is something!!

        lol yeah that’s true XD we can only soak in, but so much, but even when we don’t remember much of those kind of moments, the feeling of being there and getting to really embrace it in that moment, will always stick with you even when you don’t remember a lot about it…..at least we remember to take a few pictures and videos of our favorite moments so that way if we do want to look back at it, we’re able to ^_^

        You’re right on that one my friend, with events like concerts and that, there’s so much happening within it, that our brains just can’t process everything going on, but I love that even when we don’t remember every detail when it comes to big events and something special to us it never lets you fully forget it ❤
        (our minds)

        Our heads can get a little messy at times, but it's okay to thank our brains for letting us keep special memories and moments close to our hearts too!! Awww no worries, you're very welcome and artist!? me!? That's a first, but thank you, that means a lot to hear, really!! Awww well i'm glad to hear you're enjoying my posts, I love seeing and reading yours too!!

        That's great to hear, i'm glad you're doing well and awww that's good, i'm glad you were able to catch up with some of your relatives, I hope you had a good time at the beach with them ^_^

        I'm doing alright thank you, just sent a package out for the first time, talk about nerve wrecking lol, it went alright in the end though so that's good haha!!

        Anytime, no worries!! Hope you're having a good day and power to you as well ^_^ ❤ ❤

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  3. This is soooo great! 😍

    I might go to the Baltimore concert in October. Maybe for my mom’s birthday – she loves TOP. I might also go with my sister. If I went, it would be a dream come true. ||-//

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    1. oh my goodness I really hope you go! it’s an absolutely incredible experience. and that’s so cool that your fam is fans of TOP! it’s so much fun singing along with the clique ❤
      thanks for stopping in! 🙂
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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  4. this post is amazing. it really captures the energy of the place and the sense of connection between everyone there. i wish i could relive it.

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    1. thank you so much ❤️ i wish i could too … for now i’ll rewatch my low-quality videos and smile for a bit. i still can’t believe i saw their faces … and heard (Tyler’s at least) their voices. it’s amazing to think that i actually made it there. thanks for stopping in 🙂
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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  5. Wonderful recap. 🙂 Sweet merciful crap, they’re incredible live. I’m an Old and I’ve seen a TON of shows (easily in the hundreds, for bands huge, big and practically non-existent) and they’re right up there in my top 3. Like, the music? Incredible. They sounded amazing, so big and accomplished for just two guys. But I was also totally dazzled by the set and stage design. There was SO much effort put into that show, and I’ll love them forever for it. 🙂

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    1. Wow i had actually never been to a concert stadium-sized before and I was blown away by everything i saw. You can definitely tell that they put their hearts and souls into the show, and i’m so proud that they’ve been able to reach the heights that they now occupy despite being only 2 people. they deserve every ounce of their success.
      thanks for reading! and commenting … it means a lot ❤
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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  6. […] she saw them in person: the two men who had permanently changed her life. she heard tyler’s living, breathing voice and it was something the dreamy eighth grader had never even imagined. and she was so, so very happy. […]


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