only skeleton bones remain

“under clothes, under skin,

underneath we’re all the same,

for when you remove the tricky tricks,

only skeleton bones remain.”

tyler joseph

guitar and flute combined with a clear, wistful irish voice ringing out of computer speakers; tall tubes of paint huddled together on my desk; the feeling of being the only one awake in the house;

thus the scene is set.

only skeleton bones remain.

we’re shedding, our entire lives. we shed our hair, our skin, our nails. we peel off layers of ourselves, physically and metaphorically. but one day, when we’ve peeled off our soul, only skeleton bones will remain.

life is an accumulation of memories, of scars, of wrinkles; of love or anger or bitterness. but there’ll come a day when nothing of us will exist on this earth, save skeleton bones. the process will come slowly, breath-by-breath; softly; or it’ll be ripped off like a band-aid, painlessly. either way, only skeleton bones remain.

so where has our humanity gone? does death discard us as brittle white cages without a key?

no. we’ve all felt it, the key. it exists outside of physicality, out of time.

i’ve written a song about this. it’s something that artists feel in particular, i think. whether in their sentences, the strokes of their pencil, the rhythm of their arms and legs, or their fingers flying across the fretboard. it’s the pulse driving the most sacred of creation. it challenges the corporeal; rises above the earthly for a duration. it closes its eyes to reality and tries to find something even more real in the darkness.

it’s a flame, that i find in so many human beings.

it’s a flame, that i found burning so very brightly in sarah. i initially found her first blog paraphernalia due to our favorite band, twenty one pilots. but after a short time i found that it wasn’t just our shared interests that attracted us to each other, it was also that flame – that light – that passion for the eternal and the impossible – that brought us together.

two moths straining at the same painfully blinding lamp.

sarah has been blogging on paraphernalia for just about a year now. but after a summer hiatus she decided to close the curtain on her first blog and move on to something that more accurately reflected her current self. every person knows that feeling of peeling back a layer, penetrating closer to who you really are.

so please, go check out SarahThea Blog. if you’re an artist – a writer, drawer, painter, musician, creator – or really, if you’re just a human, you’ll find something to love.

click here to learn more about sarah

click here to discover her new site

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september 2nd: the blog tour closes with a piece of wordcraft from jul @the flood.


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