spray-paint craters

i pose a question:

have you ever stared into the flames of a campfire for an hour and suddenly are struck with the thought that your inner world is often much more real than the physical outer world?

i provide an answer:

i had a dream that

a tidal wave washed away the boardwalk and most of the pedestrians on the sidewalks of a very familiar beach in delaware. wave after wave swept in and carried off various parts of the town, but inexplicably my family didn’t leave.

we stayed on the wreckage of the boardwalk until only a few people remained, watching the waves rise fantastically high in the air. soon they started to subside, and the sun began to filter in through the clouds, but something was different – the atmosphere had an itch on the back of its neck – and i couldn’t scratch it at first.

then i found myself on the dunes, the only intact part left of the beach. i looked up, and there it was. the moon, hanging low and enormous and brilliantly lucid, in full daylight. people were trickling back onto the beach now, and a boy with mundane brown hair was beside me. we marveled at the moon for a bit along with the others crowding onto the sand.

but then i saw something else – hovering above the moon – barely distinguishable at first. clouds were tumbling around and getting in the way, but after an intense scrutiny i realized it was really there, and it took my breath away.

the earth was mirrored in the sky. all of the continents i could clearly see, spread out like a map and shimmering above the moon.

and somehow this was the answer. in it laid the long-sought solution to some dazzlingly unknown but infinitely important question, and the thrill of it ran unbridled through me.

i turned to the boy beside me with the brown hair and – breathlessly – pointed out the reflection.

he saw it.

“oh cool. yeah, i wonder why it’s there.”

i couldn’t believe it at first, that he didn’t see the sublime significance that i so clearly recognized in the sky.

but it was written all over that mundane face: indifference.

and every other person on the beach became a swirl of bare limbs and cherry-cobalt-canary colored swimsuits and nothing else.

later that night (somehow a logical transition in the inexplicable timeline of dreaming), i found myself with a friend, where we were approaching the doors to a balcony where groups of adults were gazing and exclaiming at the sky.

as i pushed aside the smoke-colored double doors with my friend and stumbled onto the balcony, i could immediately see the source of wonder. the moon again, right in front of us. it absolutely swallowed our view – an all-encompassing white – stunning against a backdrop of rich indigo.

and it was so, so close.

and i mean, close. perhaps only miles away. it struck you in the face like a basketball only a couple seconds away from colliding with your nose. it was one of the most fantastic things i had ever seen and i knew – felt in the tingling across my skin – that something phenomenal or tragic or terrifying or scientific or groundbreaking or supernatural was going to happen.

“the craters look like they’re spray painted,” my friend said.

my alarm woke me up.

p.s. this wasn’t intended to be about art or a self-promo, but after i had written this post it struck me that i had just painted a moon jacket, and it’s currently up for sale! if anyone is interested in buying the jacket, head over to my instagram page, leave a comment, or reach out on my contact page. the jacket is handpainted, womens size M, and is $70 + free shipping to the US.

p.p.s. chloe if you’re reading this, i’m not holding your spray paint comment against you. if this had actually happened you would have been fantasizing an elaborate explanation about the moon with me, i’m sure. my dreams obviously need to get to know you better.


29 thoughts on “spray-paint craters”

  1. also, your instagram is SO cool- i lovelovelove all the art!!
    (especially those pearly pink lips and the blue butterfly Vans. the moon spray paint jacket is pretty awesome too!!)

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  2. That was a wonderful dream!! I wonder how you could remember it all down to the tiniest detail. The descriptions here were beautiful!! The moon and anything celestial, really has always been a source of wonder for all.❤️
    And that jacket looks gorgeous, Jul!! The detail and the colours are so vibrant! Feels so good to read something from you after a long time!😂💕

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    1. it really was! it stuck out in my mind more than usual – and in enough detail that I could write about it! honestly that’s a rare thing – usually I forget dreams as soon as I wake up 😂
      aw I’m so happy you like the jacket! it was so much fun to paint :)) it felt so good to finally post! hopefully I’ll be able to again soon! ❤️
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    1. :)) not exactly sure … sometimes the big inspiration ™ hits and I’m left with 600 words and bad grammar…
      but it ends up on this site somehow

      tell your friend that
      they are a billion times more beautiful than anything words can create
      power to the local dreamer ||-//


  3. *sits in breathless silence, in awe of that absolutely astonishing and stunning piece of writing i just read* *also wishes that my dreams were as cool as yours* *also also wishes that i could somehow steal your magical and enchanting way with words* ❤

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    1. oh, and another thing that makes this 100x cooler, is that i just happened to be up late snapping photographs of the moon the other night (who knows, maybe it was the same night during which you had your dream!). it was a full, bright moon, and the craters were so vibrant. and what was really special was that mars also happened to be REALLY close to the moon – like, the closest i’ve ever seen. plus, the reflections made mars shine much brighter than ever, as well.
      idk, just this post made me think of the brilliant sight.

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      1. ahhh you flatter me too much 🙈❤️
        and it’s funny because normally I forget my dreams 5 minutes after I wake up but this time it really stuck in my head! and it was such a cool dream that I couldn’t help writing about it :))

        and woahhhh that sounds SO amazing… I need to see the photos!! maybe it was the same night 😱… I wish I remember what night I had the dream! 😫 either way, it’s just another classic examples of us twinning!
        thank you for your wonderful comments, sarebear ❤️❤️❤️
        power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    1. yay I’m so happy you do!! the clothes painting is going well – I’ve been almost constantly working on new items and even some commissions by some very lovely people :))
      the support means so much! thank you jasmine ❤️❤️❤️
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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