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here’s a list of the wondermous (coined by sarah:) blogs in my blogosphere. reading these blogs is one of my favorite parts of the day, and they all deserve a shout-out!

let me know if you want to be added to the list – if i read and follow your blog then I will be happy to do so!

sarathea blog. by sarah

the wonderful blog of Sarah, aka my twin across the Atlantic! ❤ she’s full of song lyrics and gorgeous drawings, amazing poetry and magical stories. ||-//

Raven’s Blog and Journal by Raven

this is where the lovely Raven shares her thoughts, writings, riddles and many beautiful creations. *full of talent* also check out her site’s gorgeous aesthetic ! ||-//

Finger Candy by Sarah Lewey

Finger Candy has not only some of the most gorgeous nail designs I’ve ever seen, but it’s chock full of song lyrics and stories and the wittiest writing you can just about get. Cats, Disney, twenty one pilots and much more collides with the most beautiful nail art to make one heck of a blog ||-//

midnight mind by clara

clara’s beautiful star-studded-sky of a blog leaves me staring into the distance in rapture after reading any post. she recently shifted from her blog clara-and-co exclusively over to midnight mind, where her mind-blowing writings and beautiful photos are still to be found.

Reasons to Live by Eliza
Journey to Life by Eliza

Eliza’s two blogs chronicle her inspiring journey towards hope and life. Journey to Life is frequently updated with Eliza’s thoughts, rambles, photographs and dialogues, while Reasons to Live is a beautiful attestation to life for any who are struggling with doubts or questioning their purpose. ||-//

Untitled (1) (1) (1)
Written in Stars by vaishnavi

vaishnavi’s intimate, chatty style of writing is so much fun to read – there’s reason to believe that she’s a vampire. and of course you must find out what a vampire’s blog is all about. *music, books, thoughts, and more* ||-//

Creative Critique by Christina

Christina’s button says it all! I’m so glad I found her blog on a random twenty one pilots concert post – she’s so fun! ||-//

The STORY of HOPE by Meg

Meg’s story is one of the most inspiring and courageous I’ve ever heard. She’s a warrior. Her blog tells her story, offers help and advice, and is also full of fun things like delicious recipes and poems, stories, and thoughts. ||-//

This blog is full of some amazing advice and stories that really get you thinking. I never finish a post without some sort of new knowledge about life or a new perspective on things. You’ll also find playlists, lists and much more here! ||-//

The Chocolate Box by Sam

Sam’s blog is full of delicious rambles, laughing-out-loud hilarious and strikingly deep. Not to mention life advice, photography, thoughts and books. Every single post is sweet.

My Thoughts by Chris

Follow along with Chris’ life and be inspired by her hope-filled journey. She has gone through so much and come out so strong. Filled with thoughts, life updates, short stories. ||-//

Strength Overlooked by G

G’s poetry is so gorgeous, I could read it for hours. She can take the smallest – or the biggest – moments and weave them into beautiful lines that you can feel. ||-//

Carlye’s Camera by Carlye

Avid reader, photographer and teenage novelist – Carlye’s blog is filled with a little bit of everything. Hear updates on her novels-in-progress as well as photography, short stories, music and thoughts. ||-//

Writing my heart out - Poetry by Accidental Blogger
Writing My Heart Out by Accidental Blogger

Accidental Blogger’s site is regularly updated with life articles, amazing photography and original poetry. There’s always something new to look and read, and so much to learn! ||-//

Screenshot (319).png
writings from a farmgirl by esmerelda
Starlight Strands Blog Button (1)
starlight strands by ash

ash is full of aesthetics and recommendations and sentences that smell of lavendar and mint. make sure to check out her youtube channel too, because her lettering skills and tips are amazing!

Random Specific Thoughts

the thoughts, musings, and poetry on this blog are stunning – some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking writing i’ve encountered so far.

My Cozy Corner by Lrose5
Lrose5’s Poetry
A Goose Idea by Truceygirl

A Goose Idea is the blog of my sister’s best friend, and she is one talented goose! You’ll find drawings, writing, lovely lettering, and more!

sunflower seeds by Sara


41 thoughts on “more to read”

    1. heya esmerelda! thanks so much for stopping in … i hope you enjoyed what you saw! i just hopped onto your site too and you have some awesome posts … i’d love to swap! i may not be able to write a description for you yet but as time goes on and i’ve followed you for a bit longer i’d be happy to do so 🙂 thanks for reaching out! ❤
      power to the local dreamer ||-//


      1. Thanks for swapping! Your button is now up on my blog.
        No problem about the description, I completely understand.
        I hope that you are doing well and staying healthy. ❤︎


      1. That’s fine! I just put yours up! I love the idea of writing blurbs for blogs. I wish I could do it, but I have like thirty buttons on my page,. It would take forever. Have a great day!!!

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    1. I just put up the new button! Just a heads-up, however … when someone clicks on your gravatar, it takes them to a deleted site instead of your current one. You may want to make sure that your profile is linked to the right site! This exact same thing happened to me when I first started this blog and I got so many more followers after I fixed it because people were finally seeing my real site! I hope this helps xx ❤
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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        1. it’s still not working for me, but i’d be happy to tell you how to fix it!
          First go to your profile, i.e. click on your little profile circle thingy. That’ll take you to your profile settings, and then go to Account Settings. In Account settings it’ll have an option to choose your primary site. So you would just need to switch your primary site to sunflower seeds and you should be good to go!
          lmk if this didn’t work or if you need more help! ❤

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