i am firstly a writer, and secondly an artist (and thirdly a musician if you were wondering :). here is a page i created to share my work for the world to see, as i am looking to widen my outreach and create artwork for others. if you are interested in reaching out, feel free to jump over to the ‘contact’ page which will send me an email!


my art instagram account serves as an active portfolio for me, so I have embedded all of my posts here for those without an instagram account to see! make sure to click the arrow button on the right of the photo in order to see all of the images!

many of these art projects also have posts on this site, so here is a list of art-related posts to check out if you’re interested in reading more about the individual pieces:

here’s to classy

tribute to trench

silver oxfords

tribute to blurryface

tribute to classic elegance

tribute to vessel

binder covers

tribute to a cream-filled-doughnut-filled girl


coloring my clothing

lastly, i’m a full-time doodler. here’s some posts fully dedicated to the art of mind-creations:


divinely inspired doodles


share your thoughts :)

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