hurricane: a sketch

My body is no longer firm and terrestrial; it is resolved into its constituent atoms, subtilized, volatilized. Sublimed into imponderable vapor, I mingle and am lost in the endless sources of those vast globular volumes of vaporous mists, which roll upon their flaming orbits through infinite space.Journey to the Center of the Earth i was… Continue reading hurricane: a sketch


on sky and star

I'm sitting outside on the deck of the third floor of our hotel. It's completely dark outside ... except for the scintilla of lights winking across the 7x21 mile landscape. "lost without you" is playing in my ears and I feel the wind brushing over my shoulders as the piano climbs into my mind and… Continue reading on sky and star

the wind is howling

I wake up to streaks of fierce sunlight glaring through my solitary window. Once I've smashed my alarm clock into submission, I rub my eyes and stare into this light in a state of groggy confusion. The sun rarely enters my cave-like basement room. Peering closer through the window, I can see a sky radiantly,… Continue reading the wind is howling