divinely inspired doodles

while school has another month before it decides to hit millions of children on the back of their heads like sledgehammers, my doodles have had another occasion besides chemistry class to flourish.

i had the opportunity to attend a beautiful retreat a couple of weeks ago which served to strengthen my faith and create some lovely friendships.

there was plenty of time for prayer and reflection, as well as ample recreation time with sports tournaments and card games galore.

but there were also several beautiful talks that took place periodically throughout the week, on topics such as virtue in friendship, prayer, and the universal call to greatness.

fortunately, during the course of the week, each attendee was furnished with a notebook and pen, for which i was especially grateful.

i find it very hard to sit and listen to talks/lecture etc. without using my hands in some way. during the school year i always took refuge in doodling, so with the help of a heavenly-smooth-nibbed blue pen and my notebook i used this same method.

since these talks were given by holy men and women of God on religious topics, i entitle this post ‘divinely inspired doodles.’ and i really did listen to the talks – and take real notes using actual words – the doodling just filled in those parts between note-taking when the irresistible urge to fidget forced my hand into more creative channels 🙂

even in the depths of a talk on friendship, song lyrics and twenty one pilots never abandons me. here is a doodle featuring lyrics from the album ‘Trench.’ ||-//
some leaves sketched and (pretty unsuccessfully) shaded during a Q&A session.
again, another little flowery reminder of my undying appreciation for my favorite music. a quick doodle during an analysis on our intellects and wills. {edit: the new music video for ‘The Hype’ is out!}
lastly, a more elaborate melange of flowers surrounding the title that one of the speakers gave us ladies during a talk on holiness.

thanks for stopping in! i really enjoyed letting my inner flowery self control my hands and pen for a couple of afternoons 🙂

drawn by jul in blue&black pen ❤



8 thoughts on “divinely inspired doodles”

  1. Oh those doodles are so pretty!! I wish I could doodle, but all mine come out looking like a sick coyote. I get to go in a retreat next, so I’m pretty excited about that. 😁

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  2. your doodles are lovely, and I def agree with you with the “taking notes by means of doodling” — I would say that I’m a visual learner for sure 🙂 your retreat sounds so relaxing and wonderful!

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    1. thank you so much! the retreat was so lovely, i’m so happy i was able to attend.
      and yeah, there are pluses and not-pluses to being a visual learning but it def helps your doodling skillz! 😛
      thanks for stopping in ❤
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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  3. You have quite a way of doodling, I like it!! ^_^ I been sorta doodling I guess you can say these past few days in my sketch book as well, I find that it helps if there’s a lot in your head or just you know having something there to keep you calm when, you’re feeling anxious and or fidgety……

    You’re quite talented with it though, really!! The good thing with doodling is you never really know what kind of thing it can turn into once you’ve let the pencil, pen or whatever you use to doodle kinda take you away, hope that made sense haha, anyway I hope all is well and I hope your days going alright!! ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you so much! ❤
      I completely agree … doodling can be so therapeutic sometimes. Art in general is normally very calming and de-stressing for me.
      But yeah, doodling is so convenient as well! Even if you only have your arm to draw on XD
      Thanks for stopping in! ❤
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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      1. You’re very welcome!! ^_^
        Yeah I agree, it really does helps you to get lost without your thoughts getting in the way most of the time, which is nice, especially when your mind likes to talk a lot ha……

        That’s good, it’s good to have something that helps you de stress and keep you occupied, plus it’s nice to look at!! 😀 That’s very true!!
        lol hey as long as it comes off alright, I think arms and hands are a nice temporary canvas for doodles XD

        Anytime, I enjoy reading your posts!! Hope you’re doing alright, also thanks for always stopping in and reading my posts as well, I really do appreciate it!! Right back at you ❤

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