silver oxfords

i fell in love with them as a 12 year old with a developing sense of style. many minutes were spent trying to find the pair that suited my whimsy and my edgy and my classy … hobbit sized feet did not help.

but then one day I was Easter shoe shopping and guess who I found waiting patiently in rack-room shoes? my beautiful children, 50% off and in size 11. I felt like cinderella.

this is overly dramatic but who doesn’t have that item of clothing with a ridiculous emotional connection? ❤

anyway I took it to the next step and brought my beauties to the sketchbook … it was such a cool project to do and I love the results 🙂

drawing my oxfords on a whim

as an aspiring artist it is so rewarding to draw random things laying around your house … shoes, cups, items with unique surfaces/reflections … and then seeing the results and being able to compare.

and keep that shoe-human relationship tight. 😉

drawn by jul


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