sitting in my cold bedroom beneath a cold window displaying the lovely view of a cold brick wall naturally led me to go back and scroll through the light-soaked photos of this past winter vacation in the sunshine state.

one particular photo caught my attention – it was of my sister’s face laced with the unique shadowing of a nearby tree’s leaves.

being already smitten with shadowing across a face, my sister’s gorgeous blue eyes with an unusual green tint to them in this photo brought me to the steely and irreversible decision “I’m gonna draw it.”

so for the night, all schoolwork was pushed aside (which led to one very late bedtime, i assure you), and after about 2 hours, this sketch/eye study was produced.

i’m in love with the results … they surpassed my expectations and my sister’s eye is actually recognizable. the only downside is that when i tried to use white acrylic paint for the highlights, it turned out that the bottle cap had burst open and the paint was half-dried. thus the clumpy highlights.

finding myself with some extra time on my hands during this quarantine (apparently the life of an introvert is actually called “quarantine?” i had no idea until now), i’ve decided to recap a few other art projects of mine in the past couple of months.

firstly, i saw this incredible painting a little while back, and it blew my mind.

i researched and could not find the artist, so credit to whoever painted this!

the symbolism behind it was just astounding to me – and so real in our world today when churches are deemed as “non-essential” and religion is under attack from all sides – that i decided to draw my own version of the Touch of God.

the hand on the right i tried to shadow in a different way than I usually would, and although it looks a little metallic to me, I decided to keep it that way. if you look closely you can see the lyrics from one of my favorite songs, trees, scribbled between the fingers. they sum up the innate longing of every human for connection with his Creator so well.

lastly, i’ve been experimenting a little bit with different art mediums that i haven’t used in a couple of years. one of these was watercolor, and although i haven’t advanced past a couple of little lyric polaroid doodles (below) and a few messy faces and eyes, hopefully i will be able to practice a little more in the future.

there’s been another art venture of mine that deserves its own post, which will hopefully happen soon :))

a lot of these drawings were made before we almost ran out of toilet paper and were screamed and cursed at for trying to play basketball outside. before all of my classes were online, and the world held its breath as the case count surpassed 400 000.

while it’s now a wild, dangerous world out there, it’s a peaceful, joyful world inside the walls of our house. the fire is warm at night and the sunlight is beautiful in the morning, and God is everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. my family is closer than ever, and wonderful opportunities are everywhere – to finally read that book, draw that portrait, write that post, practice that instrument, say that prayer, finish that song.

take them.

drawn by jul ❤


36 thoughts on “qu(art)antine”

  1. i swear i start internally screaming when i see “the flood” appear in my inbox. it happens everytime, jul, everytime.
    like i said, your eye drawing is gorgeous. it’s really so life-like! it’s such a satisfying piece of art to look at – i could literally stare at it for hours to admire the artistic beauty xD
    i don’t think i’d seen the finished outcome of your touch of God drawing yet, so i was ecstatic to see it! ma goodness, you’re honestly so talented jul *wishes i could draw hands so wondermously*.
    EEE, those wee lyrical poloroid drawings are so cute. i especially love the tøp one!! but the halfalive one is most certainly cool too. you definitely need to make more of them! 😀
    oooo, i’m most intrigued to know what your latest art venture is *trys to be patient*. i always love seeing your art. and i loved that outro too – my family too have had wonderful opportunities to grow closer and to work on our hobbies again (and make some new ones too lol). so in someways, i don’t think this quarantine will be too bad for us :PP loved this post sis! ||-//

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    1. SARAHH for some reason your comment went to SPAM? and i literally for some reason decided to check spam for the first time in forever … i’m so glad! xddd it would be such a shame to miss your lovely comment ❤
      you are so so so sweet … thank you so much! i *know* you can draw hands just as well … they really weren't too hard! and yessss the little watercolors polaroid thingies were SO fun to make … i do need to make more. please recommend me some lyrics to do!
      yesss … we can either control this time or let it control us. i say we rise up and take our once-in-a-lifetime chance to create and relax and grow in so many different things!
      your comments are so thoughtful and sweet and— ❤ ❤ ❤
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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    1. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
      anyone can … i'm just lucky that my uncle sat me down at a kitchen table and forced a pencil into my hand at around 3 years old. lots of practicing time since ;)))
      but thank you so much gracie!! your comments always make me so happy ❤ ❤
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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  2. I love reading your posts; the way your words flow make all my stress go away. And your drawings are like that added little bonus for me to just stare at and wonder, “How does so much talent reside in one person?”
    You’re incredible – God bless

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    1. oh my goodness ann … you are too sweet ❤ ❤ ❤ I'm truly so grateful for God to have given me the ability to draw and write, and i'm even more grateful for the wonderful people who read my posts ❤ I can't describe how blessed your comment made me feel! thank you so very much
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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  3. Your drawings are amazing! Though I love your sisters eye best of all…

    I’m also enjoying this lockdown and the time it brings.

    Good luck with your schoolwork- whenever you get there.

    Love, light, and glitter

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    1. oh thank you so much eliza! to be honest, the eye is probably my favorite too :))
      i’m also enjoying the lockdown … even only because its bringing about a surge of new posts!
      *although it is increasing my procrastination skills :P*
      thank you for your kind comment and i hope you’re staying safe, happy, and healthy! ❤
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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        1. haha yeah it’s hard to accept the fact that school must continue even if everything else doesn’t…
          i’m doing well! i am loving all of the cornonavirus quotes you’ve been posting some of them are so funny that i show my sisters and we all laugh together. i love seeing how positively and creatively the blogging community has reacted to this crisis!
          how are you Eliza? ❤


        2. There’s a lot of positivity. If you see any you think I should post, send them on :). I should really finish writing the 4th post for tomorrow night. I’ve enough quotes, just need the time and headspace. And I need some positive not too preachy ones to add, I don’t know if I have enough of those.
          Busy preparing for shabbat here, busy overall. Had some sad news a couple of days ago, so dealing with that, and just living.
          Love, light, and glitter

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        3. oh i totally relate when it comes to putting all the pieces of a post together and publishing!
          i hope you have a great preparation … busy-ness can definitely be a good thing :)) and i’m sorry for whatever news it was that you are dealing with … I’ll say a prayer for you!
          yes… all that is required of us is living. moment by moment, day by day. we’ve got this ❤ ❤ ❤

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        4. I prepared number 4. I think my 5th one will be quotes for introverts.
          Thanks for the prayers! I just hope everyone stays okay because I don’t think we can handle more, but whatever is, is, and will be, okay.

          Happy weekend!

          Love, light, and glitter

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  4. wow. your art is simply B E A U T I F U L!!!!! 😍😍😍 you’re so talented, i adore your different styles! i love all of the art you included in this post, but your sister’s eye is probably my favorite. reading this post was so special, i love all the positivity you included (definitely something we need during these times). stay safe and healthy xx

    (also, hello! i’m new to your blog but will definitely be staying here awhile. 😉 )

    – Ash ❤ | ashronnel.blogspot.com

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    1. oh my goodness ash … you are so sweet! you totally made my day … i’m so happy that you enjoyed the art ❤ ❤
      i hope that you like what you read here :)) … there'll always be room for lovely people like yourself in the flood ❤ ❤
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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  5. honestly, that’s the positive side of quarantine- suddenly, there’s all this time to finally pursue that creative project you’ve always wanted to do, and i love seeing what everyone has been creating!! i’m so happy you were able to make more art! but actually- the idea of having this idea burning up inside you and needing to be brought to life with pen and paper is one of the best. feelings. EVER. i was literally sitting here in shock for a minute after seeing the eye that you drew- it’s gorgeous, juls! gah, i love it ❤ in the Touch of God, the shadows playing across the hands were so beautiful as well. also yay to watercolor top & half-alive lyrics! and yay to opportunities everywhere <3<3<3

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    1. you’re so right vaish!! it makes me so happy to see/read all the creativity humming around the blogosphere right now ❤
      and YES that feeling is what i LIVE for … whether it be a song or a story or a drawing idea or literally ANYTHING
      oh my goodness thank you so much … i really enjoyed drawing the eye and it makes me so happy to know that you liked it toooo ❤ yay to opportunities everywhere!!
      power to the local dreamer ||-//

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  6. Go Juliette!! This was a much needed post, so THANK YOU! These drawings blew me away, especially the one of your sis’s eye, AMAZING!!! Love you girl! Hope to see you on the flip side of all this mess!

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